Women's Collegiate Coordinator - Responsibilities

Collegiate Committee Chairperson with support by Committee Members

  • Responsible to EPRU Executive Committee for collegiate program.
  • Be responsible for ensuring Committee members meet their responsibilities.
  • Attend EPRU AGM or General Meetings
  • Establish budget and control expenditures.
  • Prepare Master Schedule from club input for use by Divisional Play Coordinators and Refs Society.
  • New Clubs - interface with colleges requesting membership in the EPRU and support their efforts.
  • Oversee CIPP compliance to ensure full compliance by all clubs and their coaches and players.
  • Support efforts by EPRU clubs hosting collegiate tournaments.
  • Play an active role as a member of the Territorial Union's Collegiate Committee.
  • Support member clubs who host a Territorial Union championship event.
  • Publicize positive aspects of collegiate rugby via the Union website and rugby publications.
  • Represent a club's best interests in dealings with other governing bodies and the Referees Society.
  • Be responsive to clubs and schools regarding rugby-related issues of concern.
  • Issue policies that are conducive to both maintaining a positive image of rugby and providing a quality experience for all involved including players and coaches.
  • Provide timely communications and support to club officers regarding their obligations to the Union, coaching and refereeing courses, and other relevant, upcoming events.
  • Interact with college officials to promote rugby and foster positive relationships between the college, the rugby clubs and the EPRU.
  • Provide clubs with materials and sources of information to improve their club; including those dealing with player skills, coaching, Laws of the Game, safety, behavioral matters relating to the image of rugby, fundraising, etc.
  • Encourage and promote clubs' support for community service projects.

Divisional Play Coordinators

  • Establish Divisional play schedule, divisions, playoffs and set-up.
  • Help foster competition at all levels (divisions).
  • Organize and coordinate EPRU playoffs and championships.
  • Post schedule and results on-line on EPRU website.
  • Facilitate conflict resolutions between member clubs involving match scheduling.


All-Star Coordinator

  • Make arrangements for and communicate about all EPRU and Territorial all-star events; working in conjunction with the other EPRU All-Star Coordinator (men's/women's) if event is held on same weekend and location.
  • Work with coaching staff to arrange for EPRU tryouts and team events.
  • Arrange and coordinate team travel (transportation and housing) to All-Star events; for out-of-EPRU venues, work with EPRU Men's All-Star Coordinator.
  • Establish budget and control expenditures; including coordinating and maintaining team equipment - jerseys, shorts, socks, balls, etc.
  • Work in conjunction with EPRU All-Star Head Coach to promote top players to the Territorial All-Star program/coach.
  • Coordinate and work with EPRU Men's and Women's Collegiate Committee when the Territorial All-Star event is hosted by the EPRU.