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Rugby combines the beauty of soccer with the hard-nosed, physical nature of football into one amazing game. It takes intelligence, guts, and a high level of fitness to be a rugby player. There are fifteen players to a side each position has a unique role in determining the outcome of the game.

In the fall of 2014 the team showed a lot of growth. Through the recruitment process the team was able to gain over 15 new committed players, half of which have previous rugby experience. It was with this new influx of talented players that the team was able to move back into the MARC division 2 league, and play some very talented teams. More importantly however, the team has had the pleasure of working with a new coach, Tom Utsch, a Lehigh alum, has agreed to help the team progress and be competitive in a tough league. Together with the help of John Davidson, another Lehigh alum and the current coach at York College, the team has made steady gains and sets its eyes on once again being a dominate Rugby force in eastern Pennsylvania.

New members are always welcomed to join and are encouraged to embrace rugby as a unique learning experience.

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