Women's Club Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Submit all Women's Club schedules to the East Penn Rugby Referees Society.
  2. Collect and post weekly match results on EPRU website.
  3. Provide timely communications and support to team coaches and presidents regarding their obligations to the Union, coaching and refereeing courses, and other relevant issues/events.
  4. Provide teams with materials and sources of information to improve their teams, including those dealing with player skills, coaching, Laws of the Game, safety, conduct, fundraising, etc.
  5. Facilitate conflict resolutions between teams
  6. Publish rules and policies for teams that are conducive to maintaining a positive image for Rugby and providing a quality experience for all involved.
  7. Oversee and coordinate an All-Star program
  8. Represent teams' best interests in dealings with governing bodies, including the Referees Society.
  9. Attend all EPRU Meetings
  10. Publicize camps and tournaments