Wilkes-Barre Men

The Wilkes-Barre “Breakers” Rugby Football Club was founded in 1973. Coal mining became a popular trade at the turn of the 19th century in the Wyoming Valley of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Wilkes-Barre rugby adopted the the name, heritage and traditions of the region.

A coal breaker literally breaks coal into pieces, sorts the coal, removes impurities and packs coal for removal from the mine. Coal mining is demanding work traditionally completed by hearty men. The coal breaker epitomizes the hard labor of the trade. The Wilkes-Barre “Breakers” colors are black and red. Black symbolizes mined coal; red represents the blood of the miners who perished in mining accidents. Their logo shows the skull of a miner with his hard hat on, and the crossed pickaxe and sledgehammer - the tools of his trade.

Like the miners before them, the club has upheld a strong tradition through hard work and dedication.

One of their main goals is to promote the great sport of rugby. Rugby is not like any other sport. It is the only sport where you get to punish the other team, and then make friends with them afterwards, over a brew of course. The social aspect of rugby is just as important as what happens on the pitch. The traditions that the Breakers uphold off the pitch are the same traditions practiced world wide. Rugby has been referred to as the world’s largest fraternity.

In the Fall of 2015, the Breakers went 6-0 in Division 4 league play having a +347 point differential. Wilkes-Barre advances to the playoffs again in the spring of 2018.

EPRU Division:
Membership Status: Full, Good Standing
Year Founded: 1973
Mailing Address
United States

Team Contacts

Administrator Position E-mail Cell Phone
Dan Messinger President dmessstu@comcast.net 570-690-5616
Ian Bukowski Match Secretary I_bukowski@yahoo.com 570-417-6532
Jack Bukowski Head Coach wlef04@epix.net 570-417-3162