Taking Part

Surfside Scoring Table

This page is designed to help you find out how you can participate in rugby in the Eastern & Central Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware areas.  There are sections on playing, coaching, volunteering and refereeing.

For playing, we're working to make it easy for players to continue to play rugby when they need to find a new club. We also plan to include a section for players who are new to the game.

For coaching, we plan to list available open positions, explain the path for a new coach and provide resources to succeed as a coach.

The benefits of volunteering are many. We plan to include the ways people can get involved by volunteering for clubs and events in the area. We're hoping to open this up as a means to list needs for volunteers throughout the EPRU. 

Refereeing is just one more way to give back to the game of rugby. The referee page will become the path for those new to the game and those looking to increase their skill level. We're working with the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Referee Society to create a resource for referees young and old, new and experienced.