St Joe's Club Women’s Rugby Seeks Head Coach

SJU Club Women’s Rugby

Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA is looking for a head coach for their DII MARC Club Women's team. As a coach, you help young women of all skill levels learn the wonderful game of rugby!

This past year SJU Women’s Rugby made it to playoffs and went down to West Virginia to compete in the fall 15s season. The team prides itself as getting better and better each and every year and wishes for a coach to help them prepare for the next tournament.

The coach is needed for 2 evening coach-run practices and 1 game or tournament each week. Practices are 2 hours each and matches/tournament games can last anywhere from 2-6 hours. This includes the brief pre-season that occurs in the fall.

This position is a PAID coaching position. The salary is about $15 an hour (contact Enya for more information about salary). There is no on-campus office, however you can reserve classrooms before or after practice to go over plays, game film, etc. 

If you are interested in the position please contact Enya Maher (enya [dot] maheratsju [dot] edu) the president of the team, or the club (sjuwrfcatgmail [dot] com).