Formation of the EPRU Men's Collegiate Committee is Announced

To best facilitate the continued growth and development of its collegiate program, the role of Collegiate Coordinator will transition to a Committee.

I am pleased to announce the formation of the EPRU Men's Collegiate Committee and appointment of the following persons to it:

Chairperson - Steve Cohen

Divisional Play Coordinators Div. 1 - Steve Green (West Chester)

Div. 2 - Tom Flaherty (St. Joseph's)

Div. 3 - Larry McManus (Swarthmore)

Collegiate Disciplinary Committee Bryan Hynes (Millersville) - Coordinator Geoff Andrews (Lafayette) Eric Delahaye (Ursinus) All-Star Coordinator - Jason Horowitz (Albright)

The Committee Responsibilities were established by Deb Yates (EPRU Women's Collegiate Coordinator) and myself. Deb is currently finalizing the EPRU Women's Collegiate Committee which will have the same responsibilities. The Committee contact info is shown online at:

The Committee Responsibilities are shown online at:

As the EPRU Men's Collegiate Coordinator since 1991, I have worked diligently and tirelessly for the betterment of collegiate rugby not only in the EPRU but throughout the region and nationally as well. With the increase in my "rugby" workload as EPRU President in 2005, it became apparent to me that the time had come to transition the running of the collegiate program from a single person to a group of dedicated collegiate rugby coaches. Often easier said than done in rugby. So I am very pleased that the aforementioned coaches (and others) have stepped up to offer their time and energy to allow this transition to take place.

I plan to work in an interim role as the Committee Chair (until such time a new Chairperson is appointed) to help facilitate the continued growth and improvement of the EPRU Collegiate Program.

Steve Cohen President, East Penn RU



Contact: Steve Cohen
Email: sdcohen4atmindspring [dot] com
Phone: 609-714-2203