EPRU Board of Directors Allocates Funds to Help Its Members Expand Their Rugby Education

The Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union is Sponsoring Members Attendance at The USA Rugby 2019 National Development Summit January 11th -13th, Houston, Texas.


Michael S. Besio
Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union
publicrelationsatepru [dot] org

Cheltenham Township, PA: Today, the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union (EPRU), a local rugby union who is the governing body for adult men’s, women’s, and women’s small college rugby teams, announced a contest for members interested in attending USA Rugby’s 2019 National Development Summit (NDS) to cover the registration and room cost for up to five union members planning to travel to Houston, Texas.

With the creation of this contest, EPRU Secretary Bryan Dewease believes it pays for every rugger to go because, “The Networking at this event is great. The amount of people you can interact with is mind blowing. There are so many rugby related trainings. It’s like Disney World, you can’t do it all in one day.”

The EPRU Board of Directors approved the funding for:
•    USA Rugby 2019 National Development Summit registration
•    Hotel reservations for five union members, with room sharing

This EPRU contest will require interested members to submit an email to publicrelationsatepru [dot] org stating why you should be the member selected to go and how you believe this will be benefit your rugby club and culture. Applicants have until Monday, December 17th to submit. Winners will be announced on Wednesday December 19th.

About the EPRU

The Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union, Inc. (EPRU) is organized under the auspices of USA Rugby and is operated exclusively to promote and foster the growth of Rugby Union Football and to educate the public and players in the game of Rugby Union Football as played under the Laws of World Rugby.