The Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union Funds Collegiate Women’s Select Side

EPRU Funds Collegiate Women’s Select Side

Cheltenham Township, PA - The Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union (EPRU), a local rugby union governing rugby for adult men, women and women’s small college teams, announced that they are funding a collegiate women’s select side.  

EPRU Board of Directors Allocates Funds Supporting Women’s Rugby


Contact: Tom Colucci, Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union 
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Email:  publicrelationsatepru [dot] org

Of the union’s recent allocation, EPRU President Mike Besio said, “Funding a select side from our 13 member universities is a goal of my board. Giving back to our membership and helping the future of our sport is important to the continued success of collegiate women’s rugby, and women’s rugby in general. One day, one of these selected women could be sitting on our board, so I look at this as watering the seed and watching it grow.” 

The EPRU Board of Directors approved funding for:

  • Airline, hotel and local transportation for a group of 13 players and 2 coaches.
  • Jerseys, Shorts, Socks and tournament t-shirt.
  • $100 per player voucher to reserve spot on select side.

EPRU Women’s Select Side

The EPRU Women’s Select Side will be traveling to St. Petersburg Florida this January where they will play in a Rugby 7s event to showcase their talents in front of national selectors. Scott Stratton & Christine Black will coach and manage the program on behalf of the EPRU.

About the EPRU

The Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union, Inc. (EPRU) is organized under the auspices of USA Rugby and is operated exclusively to promote and foster the growth of Rugby Union Football and to educate the public and players in the game of Rugby Union Football as played under the Laws of World Rugby.