Club Spotlight: Lehigh Valley Women

Lehigh Valley Women's Team

The Lehigh Valley Women have always shared a competitive spirit and a desire to win despite their on-again, off-again history. With their deep love for the game and their rugby family, the Lady Hooligans is this week's Club Spotlight.

Lehigh Valley Women History

The Lehigh Valley Women's team began in the fall of 1976 as the "Maulie Maguires" and were one of the first women's teams on the East Coast. Twenty years later the team folded but was re-formed in 1999 as the "Lehigh Valley Vultures" with the support of the Lehigh Valley Men's team, which was founded the previous year. 

The women's program ended again in 2005, but was re-established in 2012 as a Division 3 club in the EPRU and MARFU.

Since being reformed, the Lady Hooligans has made immense progress, growing from a small organization to a successful team with more than 30 members and a winning record. Their Fall 2017 season began with an exciting 55-22 win against the South Jersey women and ended with an intense, nail-biting match against the Lancaster Thorns.

The team has always been successful in Summer 7s campaigns - including their own annual tournament. 

43rd Annual Summer Sevens

The Hooligans will be holding their annual 7s tournament on . The Lehigh Valley 7s is open to 30 teams from both the men's and women's division in a 3-game round-robin.
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Join the Lady Hooligans

The LVRFC maintains the presence and spirit of rugby in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. The Lady Hooligans welcome women of all skill levels to join them on the pitch.

Don't want to play? You can still support the club. Fans, friends, and families have been a large part of the Lady Hooligan's success over the years.

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