Club Spotlight: Harrisburg Women's Rugby Club

Harrisburg Women's Rugby Club

The Harrisburg Women's Rugby Club added diversity to the Harrisburg Rugby Club community since the beginning of their creation in 1992. In the following two decades it has grown into a very successful program.

Nicknamed the Harlots, the Harrisburg Women continue to raise the level of competition in the EPRU Division 2 by developing skills on the pitch and building team bonds and friendships off the pitch. The Harlots play hard while enjoying and embracing the spirit of the game.  Harrisburg has represented the EPRU at D2 Women's Nationals in 2007 and has made MARFU championships many times in recent years

Team History

In 1994, the Harrisburg 7s Tournament included a women's bracket for the first time. However, even though the women's team was formed in 1992, they had to wait until 2001 to be added to the club's constitution. It wasn't until 2004 that the women's club would merge and become one non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the men's club. 

2007 was one of their most successful years, when they represented the EPRU at D2 Women's Nationals. In 2016, the Harlots ranked amongst the top 4 in country in D2 Women's Club rankings after a victory over Burlington Women's Rugby Club.

Harrisburg 7s Tournament Slated for June 24th

Harrisburg will host their 31st Annual 7s Tournament this Saturday at Campbelltown Volunteer Fire Company.

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