Club Spotlight: Doylestown Men

Doylestown Men huddle

The Doylestown Dragons are a strong band of brothers both on and off the field. With fierce loyalty and commitment to their teammates, the men of the Doylestown are this week's club spotlight.

Doylestown RFC History

The Doylestown Rugby Football Club was formed in December of 1974. Through the Doylestown Maennerchor Society, the club gained access and built a rugby pitch on Cold Spring Creamery Road, Buckingham Township. Ten years later, in 1984, the team founded the Doylestown Junior Rugby Football Club, the local high school boys team.

The formation of the Doylestown Junior Girls Rugby Football Club (High School Girls) came about in January of 2000. Coach Althea Tomlinson enjoyed two very successful seasons as head coach, recruiting 40+ girls from local high schools each season. Put to vote before the club members, the amendment to the DRFC constitution unanimously passed and the Doylestown Women's Rugby Football Club (DWRFC) was formed on September of 2001.

All four teams continue to play at the Maennerchor Society Club field.

Dragons Never Quit

On October 28, 2017, the Dragons faced off against South Jersey in their final match of the fall campaign. But despite a few upsets in the first half, Doylestown toughed it out against the top seed to finish their fall season undefeated. Closing 6-0 against other Division 2 Men's teams, the Dragons continue to dominate on the field. 

The Dragons are currently looking forward to their spring campaign and upcoming summer tournaments.

Join Doylestown on the Field 

With a winning attitude and a winning season, the Doylestown Dragons share a deep love for the game and their rugby family. The team welcomes men of all skill levels to join them on the pitch. 

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