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Preparation to Play Rugby

How does one properly prepare themselves physically to play rugby? There are right ways and wrong ones. The right way will do more than just ready the player to safely withstand the rigors of 80 minutes of on-field action, but minimize the chance of injury and if injured, reducing recovery time. One of the foremost rugby playing nations is New Zealand and they have an excellent program for players for preventing rugby injuries and physical conditioning:

They call it RugbySmart at:
I strongly urge you to look into RugbySmart and get your players ready to play so they can reach their full potential physically and minimize injuries while playing. 

Concussion Management  

Official USA Rugby Concussion Policy as well as USA Rugby's "Know the 5 R's"  - Return to Play Protocols - Resources and Learning Modules

also see

World Rugby (IRB) Recognize and Remove Video

This video not only advises coaches and teammates on how to identify and handle someone with a suspected concussion, it also reminds players that they have a role to play in self-monitoring and knowing when to leave the field. Simply put; when in doubt, step out!

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