Rugby Safety Documents

Fancher Lawson tackle vs. St. Augustine

EPRU Safer Rugby Program (PDF)
EPRU Making Rugby Safer (PDF)
Medical/Surgical Care/Emergency Treatment & Personal Medical Information Form (PDF)
Authorization for Emergency Medical Transport and/or Treatment Form (PDF)
(for use by Parent/Guardian for a minor)
Managing Concussions During Rugby Matches (PDF)
Official USA Rugby Concussion Policy

MAC Adverse Weather Policy (HTML)
Post Game Recovery (PDF)
Self Management (PDF)
Heat and Hydration: What Every Rugby Player Should Know (PDF)

USA Rugby SafeSport Training 
In order to support a rugby community that works together to protect the well-being of all rugby participants, USA Rugby recommends that all participants (including parents, players and administrators) seek information, courses and resources. The two recommended FREE online training courses are:
NFHS Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment 
USOC SafeSport