Injury Reporting Procedure

Rugby Clinic

In the EPRU, all head and spinal/neck-related injuries are to be reported by the team within 24 hours of injury to the EPRU President at presidentatepru [dot] org. The information to be provided, as a minimum, is the player's name, phone number, injury description and the current status and location of the player.

IRB Regulation 10 provides as follows:

10.1.1 A player who has suffered concussion shall not participate in any match or training session for a minimum period of three (3) weeks from the time of injury, and may then only do so when symptom free and declared fit after proper medical examination. Such declaration must be recorded in a written report prepared by the person who carried out the medical examination of the player.

10.1.2 Subject to sub-clause 10.1.3 below, the three week period may be reduced only if the player is symptom free and declared fit to play after appropriate assessment by a properly qualified and recognized neurological specialist. Such declaration must be recorded in a written report prepared by the properly qualified and recognized neurological specialist who carried out the assessment of the player.

10.1.3 In age grade rugby, the three week minimum period shall be mandatory. Without limiting the effects of the application of IRB Regulation 10, the following guidance may be of assistance in recognizing concussion. It must be acknowledged however, that each incident must be assessed on its individual merits and characteristics and, as appropriate, medical advice sought.

As stated in the Medical and Safety section at

A player who sustains a concussion should not play rugby for three weeks from the time of the injury, and will only be allowed to play after procuring written clearance from a qualified medical doctor. This medical clearance must be mailed to the medical director of the local union, and a copy must be kept by the team coach. These records must be kept for one year from the date of the injury, and preferably, kept on file as long as possible.

Managing Concussions During Rugby Matches (PDF)

The primary responsibility for conforming to this directive must belong with the individual with the concussion. However, the coaches, teammates, club officials, family, and friends of the individual also bear significant responsibility in preventing any participation in the game of rugby until the individual has been medically cleared to play or train again.

Any player with more than two definite concussions in a single three (3) month period, whether related to rugby or not, should not be allowed to return to play that season. Return to play in the following season should be allowed only with a typed clearance letter from a physician. This written clearance should be submitted to the EPRU President for review and approval by the EPRU Medical Committee prior to the player resuming training or match play.