EPRU Safer Rugby News

As part of its continuing proactive approach towards rugby safety, the EPRU will be issuing a regular newsletter to help clubs to be best prepared for the care of their players.

EPRU Safety Director, John O’Donnell, ATC CSCS, has released the latest edition of "Safer Rugby News". The newsletter will generally be issued monthly and provide tips, guidance, information, etc. that teams can easily use to better their safety preparation for their players. John, along with Drs. Merrick Wetzler (Medical Director) and Dick Borkowski (Risk Management Director) will form the newly created "EPRU Safer Rugby Committee" to help insure that clubs and their coaches and players have the right information to lessen the chances of players getting injured and manage the risks of playing rugby.

The EPRU has an extensive database of important and useful safety information found at: EPRU Safety/Risk Management Section including its latest 7-step approach to rugby safety called the "Safer Rugby Program".