Rules, Policies and Regulations

ESU vs University of Scranton

Welcome to the EPRU Rules and Policies section of – your central resource for the rules and regulations of Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union.

Minimum Responsibilities of Member Clubs

Responsibilities to the Union

  • Attend EPRU meetings
  • Prompt payment of EPRU dues
  • Payment of debts in a timely manner so as not to reflect badly on the EPRU
  • Provide updates of club officers promptly to the EPRU Secretary
  • Provide current home field directions to the EPRU Secretary
  • Report all Divisional Play scores within 24 hours of the match
  • Provide schedules to Divisional Play Coordinator on time (Spring - February 1 and Fall - August 1)
  • Notify EPRU Tours Chair of any planned incoming or outgoing tours and submit the required forms in a timely manner
  • Report any plans for hosting a tournament to the Tournament Chair and submit the required forms in a timely manner
  • Registration of primary and alternate jersey colors, as well as any plans for addition of logos
  • Register promptly and fully in USA Rugby's Club & Individual Participant Program (CIPP)
  • Provide players to All Star trials and competitions
  • Deal with all internal and external organizations in a professional manner
  • Provide information of interest to the EPRU Secretary for posting on the EPRU website
  • Administer suspensions or penalties resulting from send-offs or other disciplinary action
  • Promote a positive image of Rugby at all times, both on and off the field (including your team's website)

Responsibilities to the Referees Society

  • Prompt payment of referees' fees
  • Properly marked field with flags or cones, spectator ropes and padded goalposts
  • Confirm match details with assigned referee per EPRU Procedure for Confirming Match Day Arrangements (PDF below)
  • Provide a referee to the Society to be available to referee as requested (see EPRRS website)
  • Provide names of potential referees to the Referees Society
  • Attend EPRRS Clinics
  • Accord the proper respect and hospitality to your assigned referee

Responsibilities to Visiting Clubs

  • Properly marked and safe playing field with flags or cones, spectator ropes and padded goalposts
  • Provide a back-up or contingency site for field cancellations
  • Provide clear directions to match site
  • Provision of a certified referee
  • Written confirmation of the date, time and place of each match
  • Insure that each player is eligible to play per EPRU & USA Rugby Regulations
  • Honor your commitments to play a match (or matches)
  • Promote good sportsmanship on and off the field

Responsibilities to their Members

  • Payment of all applicable Union, referee or tournament fees
  • Medical Kit
  • Availability of trainer, doctor, nurse or healthcare professional who can treat injuries
  • Comply with EPRU Safety Recommendations (PDF below)
  • Proper playing kit with EPRU registered jersey
  • Liability Insurance
  • Requiring all players to have medical insurance
  • Provision of a certified referee and a certified coach
  • Properly marked and safe playing field with flags or cones, spectator ropes and padded goalposts
  • Provide opportunities for players to participate in All Star trials and competitions
  • Disseminate Union information to each player
  • Honor match commitments
  • Insure all players meet eligibility requirements
  • Set a good example in promoting sportsmanship on and off the field

Maintaining Membership

The EPRU Executive Committee has the authority to drop any club from membership in the EPRU who does not play matches or repeatedly cancels matches, does not submit a schedule to the Referees Society, fails to pay dues and/or is not fully enrolled in USA Rugby’s CIPP Membership program. Full compliance in CIPP includes both Club Membership and a minimum of fifteen (15) enrolled players

Resignations from the Union

Should a club wish to resign from the Union (especially in the case where the club is no longer functioning), a statement of such intent must be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary of the Union. It must be signed by at least two officers. The club will be responsible for any financial obligations for the fiscal year in which the resignation was submitted.