Outgoing Club Transfers

Any Member club wishing to transfer to another Local Area Union must declare that intention, in writing, to the Union Secretary before December 1st. Members who request a transfer after December 1st will be responsible for payment of all dues for the next calendar year.

The request for transfer must include the following:

  1. A letter stating the specific reason or reasons for requesting a transfer signed by at least two club officers
  2. A copy of the minutes of the meeting where the club members voted on a motion to transfer and the vote count
  3. A copy of the club’s By-Laws
  4. A letter from the Local Area Union the club wishes to transfer to stating that they are willing (upon written release by the EPRU) to accept the club

Members who owe the EPRU dues, fines, bonds, or other payments will not be given permission to transfer until all payments have been made in full.

Failure to receive written approval from both Local Area Unions will negate the transfer.