Kit Requirements

The following applies to all rugby matches played within the jurisdiction of the EPRU. The referee is expected to delay the start of a match to commence until both teams are properly outfitted in rugby kit meeting the below requirements.  If a club is unable to comply, the referee shall start the match at his or her discretion and report any violations to the EPRU Secretary.

The following applies:

  1. Except as noted herein, all provisions of the IRB, USA Rugby, Law 4 of The Laws of the Game (Players' Clothing) and the USA Rugby Guidelines on the Application of Law must be adhered to by all EPRU member clubs and its players.
  2. Jerseys
    1. Cotton and synthetic materials and blends permitted.
    2. Must be collared, of full length, with sleeves of at least 2 inches when measured from the inset seam. Body and sleeve must be hemmed or banded.
    3. May be of any color or pattern, but all players must be of the same or approximately matching color and pattern.
    4. Must be clean and in good repair and free from holes, tears and rips.
    5. Must be numbered 1-15 in not less than 4" size, numbers assigned to the proper position, in contrasting color, located in mid-center back, with no duplicate numbers.
    6. No "mesh" jerseys (open weave).
    7. No tearaway jerseys or T-shirts.
    8. Any change in style of jersey (even if the colors are similar to those already registered) is required. See Kit and Jersey Registry for additional details.
  3. Shorts
    1. Must be cotton or cotton blend of at least 50%.
    2. May be of any color or length between 2" and knee length, but all players must be of the same or approximately matching color, pattern and length.
    3. Must be clean and in good repair and free from holes, tears and rips.
  4. Socks
    1. Cotton, wool, synthetic materials, and blends permitted.
    2. Must be of at least over-the-calf length.
    3. Any color or pattern permitted, but all players must be of the same or approximately matching color and pattern. Different colors may be worn on each leg provided all players do so.
  5. Underclothing, Additional Garments & Accessories
    1. Players may wear any clothing beneath jerseys and shorts as they so choose, provided:
      1. It otherwise conforms to the laws.
      2. No portion extends beyond the sleeve and shorts hem (no bike shorts)
    2. In exceptional and extraordinary climate conditions, for player safety, additional garments or accessories may be authorized by the referee. Such authorization shall be rarely given.
    3. Medical devices, otherwise conforming to The Laws, may be worn to protect existing injury.
    4. The wearing of bandannas and do-rags is prohibited.
    5. Subject to the above, additional garments, accessories, and protective devices shall not be worn, except as provided in Law (4).
  6. Advertisements and Logos
    (See current Law Book[] or IRB Web Site [] for current regulations)
    1. USA Rugby shall conform to IRB regulations on advertising and manufacturers' logos, and to the further restrictions implemented by USA Rugby.
      1. Each Local Area Union, Territory and USA Rugby shall retain the right to prohibit and require removal of any logo or saying deemed offensive, inflammatory, or not in the best interests or promotion of the sport of Rugby.
      2. No advertisers' logo of a direct competitor of any national USA Rugby sponsor shall be permitted.
      3. No advertisement for tobacco, alcohol, or any bar, tavern, or saloon shall be permitted upon the kit of any college or youth club.
To insure compliance to these Kit Requirements, fines will be assessed against those teams who do not comply with numbers 1 through 5 above. Number 6 will be reviewed separately.

$300 Full Member
$200 Associate Member
$100 Recognized Member

Referee reports and/or random spot checks for various matches will be used to determine compliance.