Jersey and Uniform Registry

Look up the jersey colors and designs of all the teams in the union: Club Jersey Color Registry.

Procedure for Registering / Changing Colors, Styles & Logos

If your club is thinking about changing colors or jersey style, pick TWO (one as an alternate) and submit a letter to secretaryatepru [dot] org with a copy to your respective divisional play coordinator.

Describe in detail your TWO color/style choices and ATTACH color pictures of both to your email (preferably jpg files) .

In the letter, explain why your club needs, or wants, to change jersey color or style.
(If only registering an Alternate jersey set, see Registering Alternate Kit & Logo below).

Tell us if you are keeping your current set and will now use them as your Alternate, or if that set is no longer going to be used.

For a list of colors currently worn by EPRU members, go to the Club Jersey Color Registry.

The Executive Committee will discuss your request at their next regular meeting. You will be notified, in writing, of approval or denial of your request.

(You could be stuck with jerseys you can't wear!)

Helpful Hints:

  1. Check the most current Color Registry before making your choice. Do not choose colors already worn by other teams. Until further notice, do not choose any color/style with predominantly black, navy blue, maroon or red. *Note* Purple is the official color of the East Penn Rugby Referee Society and is therefore not available for teams to use.
  2. Submit your request early. The Executive Committee may not be meeting for several weeks and your approval or denial could take longer than expected. You also need to give your supplier some time to get your order in stock. Make sure your supplier knows that ALL jerseys must be numbered (Arabic only).
  3. Read and follow the Kit Requirements. All kit must meet these requirements.

Registering Alternate Kit & Logo

All clubs must register and receive approval for alternate jersey colors & style if using a second set of kit. Use the same procedure as above.

The following is the EPRU By-law concerning colors:

2.08 Registration of Colors: All Members shall register their colors for approval by the Union. Failure to register colors or wearing of unapproved colors, shall result in sanction and disciplinary action by the Board of Governors in its sole discretion.

*Note* Any change in style of jersey (even if the colors are similar to those already registered) is required. This includes the addition of a logo to a registered jersey. Submit logo artwork with your letter (see Kit Requirements for logo restrictions).