EPRU Inclement Weather Policy

EPRU introduces an Inclement Weather Policy designed to guide teams when bad weather can affect whether a match is played or not.

Note: This policy applies to all matches played under the jurisdiction of the EPRU, while those played under MARFU or USA Rugby jurisdiction shall be bound by their policies.

Rain or bad weather in and of itself is an insufficient reason to cancel a match. However, field policies and player safety (both traveling to and playing in the match) must be considered when making a game decision regarding inclement weather. Either before or during the match, the referee has the power to cancel the match due to existing unsafe playing conditions in his or her opinion.

Each home team should be aware of the rules governing use of its home pitch by the Owner of the field (i.e. Fairmount Park, University, Township, etc.) during adverse weather conditions. Any field restrictions should be communicated to opponents when scheduling and referees when confirming matches. If a field is closed by an Owner, the match is cancelled and must be rescheduled if it is a divisional play match.

If the current or pending weather is unfavorable, teams are expected to keep an open line of communication with their opponent and the referee involved. Open line of communication means phone calls with discussion or an active exchange of e-mails; one way communications are not acceptable (i.e. voicemail and/or emails without a reply).

If the decision is mutually reached to postpone the match, teams should communicate this to the referee, the EPRRS allocations secretary and appropriate EPRU coordinator immediately. Teams should set make-up match details by the Monday following the originally scheduled match and communicate them to the appropriate EPRU. Divisional play matches must take precedence over any 'friendly' matches.

If a mutual rescheduling decision cannot be reached between the teams and the referee, both teams should contact their respective EPRU coordinator outlining the details surrounding the disagreement. Note: this should be a very last resort, teams are expected to work out match details on their own as much as possible and come to an appropriate decision. Both teams involved are expected to be respectful of their opponent's situation as well as uphold their commitment to play the match.

Failure to make up a match will result in 0 or negative points awarded to each team depending on the circumstances; a team may receive 1 match report point if they have communicated with their EPRU coordinator regarding the match. Further disciplinary action or fines may be assessed depending on the circumstances.