EPRU Field Preparation and Sideline Policy

Effective Sept. 1, 2008 for all matches played in the EPRU is the Field Preparation and Sideline Policy. It has become evident in recent years that many clubs do not pay enough attention to field setup.

If rugby is to become a more respected athletic endeavor in this country, we all must work together to provide the best experience and environment for those that play, officiate and watch a match. The EPRU has issued this policy as part of a means to that end.

All matches are expected to be played and conducted in accordance with disciplined and sporting behavior. These principles cannot be upheld solely by the referee or other match and Union officials but must also be upheld and observed by players and those who manage, administrate, coach or teach the game as well as the spectators who observe a match.

The MAC (Mid Atlantic Conference) Competitions Committee has established a Sideline Management Policy which can be found at   http://macrugby.org/sideline-management-policy/
This policy is effective April 1, 2015.