Recognized Membership

Recognized Membership (also called Local Union Membership) was created for newly formed rugby clubs in the EPRU. Clubs admitted as Recognized Members will only be eligible to play members in good standing within the EPRU. Touring and hosting of tournaments is not permitted in this category of membership. Recognized Members must enroll in the USARFU Club & Individual Participant Program (CIPP).

Recognized Membership is required for a minimum one year period. After one year, the club must apply for Associate Membership at the next available application time unless the club receives an exemption from the EPRU Executive Committee. Approval of membership is at the sole discretion of the EPRU Executive Committee.

Benefits for Recognized Benefits Members

  1. Eligible to play EPRU members (Full, Associate and Recognized) in good standing within the EPRU.
  2. Included on the EPRU mailing list and the electronic Listserve and will be sent meeting notices, newsletters, and other Union materials.
  3. Access to website.
  4. Eligible for all EPRU Clinics (Coaching, Refereeing, Medical, etc.) at member rates.
  5. Access to all Union services.
  6. Access to USA Rugby's discounted insurance coverages.
  7. Eligible for referees from the Referees Society.
  8. Eligible for referee visits by the Referees Society to explain Laws, etc.

While Recognized Members do not have all the benefits enjoyed by Associate or Full Members, they are encouraged to participate in Union affairs and attend EPRU meetings.

Applying For Recognized Membership

Application for Recognized Membership must be made to the Union Secretary and must include (at a minimum) the following:

  1. A letter requesting Recognized Membership (to include a brief history and/or need for a club in that area).
  2. By-Laws and/or Constitution
  3. A list of team officers with mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Officers should include President, Vice President, Match Secretary, Treasurer, CIPP Coordinator. Other appointments such as Coach, Referee, Medical Person/Trainer & a Permanent Address must also be included. (School & summer addresses with phone numbers are required for college & graduate school teams).
  4. A team roster (names, addresses, zip codes & phone numbers).
  5. First & second choices for colors of jerseys, shorts, socks and style of each (can be cut from a rugby supplier catalog). Email a jpg file of the jersey(s) to secretaryatepru [dot] org
  6. Date of officers elections.
    *Note* Must be once per year at the END of the Fall season.
  7. Colleges & graduate schools must include their Faculty Advisor's name, address & phone number, along with a letter from this Advisor stating their willingness to ensure that the 'Duties of A Faculty Advisor' are carried out.
  8. Colleges & graduate schools must include the name, address & phone number of their Athletic Director and Director of Club Sports. A letter (on school letterhead) from one of these persons regarding the school's support for rugby (use of school facilities, fields, trainers, equipment, funding & future plans) is required.
  9. A copy of your current budget. Colleges & graduate schools must include the amount funded by the school and description of how and when funds are disbursed. List line items that the school will fund and ones they won't.
  10. A list of fund-raisers, charity events, etc. that you have planned to raise money, remain solvent and improve the image of rugby either in your community or on your college campus.
  11. Recruiting methods and plans for bringing in new players.
  12. Locations and actual sizes of practice and playing fields. List any restrictions on their use (inclement weather, insurance, use by other sports, etc.). List owner(s) of field(s) such as school district, township, city park, etc.).
  13. All teams must have a Level 200 certified coach per USA Rugby policy. Provide name, mailing address, telephone number and email for all coaches. Denote which are certified by USA Rugby, their current certification level, and which coaches are not. If no coach is certified, at least ONE must obtain USA Rugby Certification. Submit with this application: Signed "Coaches Code of Conduct" form AND a copy of their USA Rugby Coaching Certificate(s).
  14. All teams must provide a new referee who will attend the referee clinics/meetings and be available to referee as requested by the Referees Society. The Referee must attend the EPRU Referee Clinic(s) and meetings, as well as all training offered by the Referees Society. The Referee must maintain membership in the Referees Society and be available to referee as requested.
  15. Proof of full enrollment in USA Rugby's Club & Individual Participant Program (CIPP). Each Club must have completed the Club CIPP Enrollment and must have a minimum of 35 players enrolled, along with a Level 200 certified coach.
  16. As of January 1, 2003 an application fee of $50.00 will be required. Make check payable to "EPRU" and enclose with your application. Depositing of the check does not guarantee the club will be accepted for membership.
    P.O. Box 393
    Exton, PA 19341

Recognized Members will be under the jurisdiction of the EPRU Disciplinary Committee and are expected to uphold the rules and regulations of the EPRU. Disciplinary action may be taken against a Recognized Member if the Disciplinary Committee feels it is warranted.

All Recognized Members MUST keep the Union Secretary apprised of their current officers, their addresses and phone numbers.