Membership Costs

Treasurer's Guidelines

Dues are $25.00 per person (player, coach, club referee, club administrator/volunteer) and are paid online at through the USA Rugby Membership program (also known as CIPP - Club and Individual Membership Program) and must be paid prior to a player's first match. The $25.00 per person fee is in ADDITION to USA Rugby's fees as noted below.

USA Rugby Membership Categories and Costs

  • Senior Player: $45.00
  • College Player: $40.00
  • Coach: $65.00
  • Admin/Exec/Volunteer: $30.00
  • Referee: $45

All bills, including traveling expense reimbursement for All Star players, MUST be submitted to the Treasurer within ONE (1) MONTH of the incurred expenses. No reimbursement will be made after this period.

Whenever possible, bills should be paid by check or money order (payable to EPRU). Cash payments are discouraged. All payments should be mailed to
East Penn Rugby
P.O. Box 393
Exton, PA 19341-9998.

A $50 fee will be charged for all returned (bounced) checks and a $10 per month fee will be charged on all outstanding balances.

Dues Structure

Effective September 1, 2013

As of September 1, 2013 EPRU dues will be collected on a per player basis through the USA Rugby Membership Program (a/k/a CIPP).
Dues are $25.00 per person. See paragraph one above.

Checks for Fairmount Park fees, Tournament Application fees and other miscellaneous payments are payable to "EPRU" and should be mailed to:

P.O. Box 393
Exton, PA 19341

The EPRU's Tax ID # is 21-0401373

       Approximate Startup Costs for a Rugby Team


EPRU Dues (7s Only Membership, Recognized Membership, Associate Membership or Full Membership)
$25.00 per person
Membership Application Fee - $50.00 (effective 1/1/03) - check to be submitted with application

USA Rugby Club & Individual Participant Program (CIPP)

Membership Dues - Individuals

  • Adult Individual - $45/person affiliated with a men's or women's club, referee society, or those who want to register "At-Large" (not affiliated with a specific team or referee society) - multiply by # of participants
  • Collegiate Individual - $40/person affiliated with a collegiate men's or women's team
    - multiply by # of participants
  • Coach - $65/person affiliated with either a men's or women's club or men's or women's collegiate team.  All teams must have a certified coach and that coach must be CIPP enrolled.
  • Administrator/Exec/Volunteer - $30/person affiliated with either a men's or women's club or men's or women's collegiate team
  • USA Rugby membership INCLUDES insurance for rugby-related accidents at practices, matches and travel to and from those activities.  You must be registered prior to the time of injury. This is secondary coverage but will serve as primary coverage in the absence of other medical coverage.

 Membership Dues - Club - $150

All clubs must register/enroll with USA Rugby. Third party liability insurance is included with this enrollment.  This insurance covers accidents and bodily injury to third parties.  It also reduces the liability for registered members and enables members to use facilities that require third party liability insurance coverage. Proof of Insurance Certificates are available through USA Rugby by completing the online request form in the Insurance section of

Referees Fees

$100 per match for individual matches. All referees receive the same amount regardless of grade level of referee. If an additional B side referee is assigned, the fee is $100. If the A side referee does the B side match, the fee is $75.
Multiple Matches Per Day or Tournaments  $150 for full day, $100 for half day

Player’s Kit/Equipment*

Numbered Jerseys $40 to $75 each (EPRU policy requires all jerseys be properly numbered by position)
Rugby Shorts $25 to $29 each
Socks $7 to $9 each
Boots $60 to $125 pair
Mouthguard $2 to $20
Headgear $45 to $55
Extra Cleat Studs $10 to $15
Extra Laces $2
Law Book $10 each
Laws in Plain English $8 each
Other items to consider: shin guards, scrum caps, shoulder vests

Field Equipment*

Goal Posts $2,220
Goal Post Pads $750 to $850
Field Marking Kit $145
(4 wheel paint liner, 14 flexible poles, 1 case of paint)
Touch Flags (14) $14
Game Balls $30 to $60 each
Spectator Ropes & Posts (both sides of field)

Practice Equipment*

Cones (12) $20
Practice Balls $20 each
Ball Bag $10
Ball Pump $12
Needles (pk of 3) $4
Rucking/Mauling Pads $55 each
Tackling Dummy (2) $230
Tackle Suit (Adult) $60
Scrum Machine $1,000+
(Plans to build your own) $15
Scrimmage Vests (10) $135
Whistles $5 to $10 each
Kicking Tees $15 each
Coaching Books $15 to $25 each
Training Tapes $20 to $30 each


First Aid Kit (mandatory!) $75 to $168
(along with someone who knows First Aid)

*source: Matt Godek Rugby Supply --  Order Toll Free 1-800-USA-RUGBY or online at