Club Amendments

Club Name Change

Any Member club wishing to change its club name must submit a letter requesting such a change, along with reasons for the change, to the EPRU Secretary at least 60 days in advance of the change.

The EPRU retains the right to deny any name change deemed offensive, inflammatory, or not in the best interests or promotion of the sport of Rugby.

Mergers of Clubs

Any Member club wishing to merge with another Member club must declare that intention, in writing, to the EPRU Secretary before the September Board of Directors meeting to be voted on at the next meeting.

Successor club will be responsible for any obligations of the merged club. All clubs merging after December 1st will be responsible for all dues and obligations to the EPRU as separate clubs.

The Board of Directors, along with the Divisional Play Chair, will reserve the right to place the new team in the division it feels is appropriate.

Club Resignation from the Union

Should a club wish to resign from the Union (especially in the case where the club is no longer functioning), a statement of such intent must be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary of the Union. It must be signed by at least two officers. The club will be responsible for any financial obligations for the fiscal year in which the resignation was submitted.