Associate Membership

Associate Membership is the next step after a club completes one year of Recognized Membership. Associate Membership is restricted to a maximum period of two years. The club may apply for Full Membership after one year of Associate Membership, but must apply during the second year. With Associate Membership also comes an increase in EPRU benefits.

Benefits for Associate Members

  1. Eligible for all EPRU clinics (Coaching, Refereeing, Medical, etc.) at member rates.
  2. Eligible for referees from the Referees Society.
  3. Eligible for representative play at the EPRU and MARFU levels.
  4. Eligible to participate in the EPRU's league (divisional play) system.
  5. Eligible to play teams from other Unions.
  6. Access to Union services.
  7. Eligible for all mailings done by the Union (meeting notices, minutes, announcements, etc.).
  8. Access to website.
  9. Access to USA Rugby's discounted insurance coverages.
  10. Eligible for referee visits by the Referees Society to explain Laws, etc.

Applying for Associate Membership

An application for Associate Membership must be submitted to the EPRU Secretary. This application must contain, but is not limited to, the following items.

  1. A letter requesting the club be considered for Associate Membership. If the club wishes to participate in the divisional play schedule, this must be so stated.
  2. A brief history of the club
  3. A copy of the club's By-Laws and/or Constitution.
  4. A list of team officers with mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Officers should include President, Vice President, Match Secretary, Treasurer, CIPP Coordinator. Other appointments such as Coach, Referee, Medical Person/Trainer, and a Permanent Address must also be included. (School and summer addresses & phone numbers for all officers are required for college & graduate school teams).
  5. A team roster (names, CIPP numbers, address, zip codes and phone numbers). ALL players, coaches, officers, referees, etc., MUST have CIPP numbers).
  6. Date when election of officers is held.  *Note* Must be once per year at the END of the Fall season.
  7. A copy of your current budget and proposed budget for the following year. Colleges & graduate schools must include the amount funded by the school and description of how and when funds are disbursed. List line items that the school will fund and ones they won't.
  8. A list of fund raisers, charity events, etc. that you have planned to raise money, remain solvent and improve the image of Rugby either in your community or on your campus.
  9. Recruiting methods and plans for bringing in new players.
  10. Locations and actual sizes of practice and playing fields. List any restrictions on their use (inclement weather, insurance, use by other sports, etc.) List owner(s) of field(s) such as school district, township, city park, etc.)
  11. Colleges & graduate schools must include their Faculty Advisor's name, address and phone number, along with a letter from this Advisor stating their willingness to ensure that the 'Duties of A Faculty Advisor' are carried out.
  12. Colleges & graduate schools must include the name, address & phone number of their Athletic Director and Director of Club Sports. A letter (on school letterhead) from one of these persons regarding the school's support for rugby (use of fields, facilities, equipment, funding, future plans) is required.
  13. All teams must have a Level 200 certified coach as per USA Rugby policy, and a person who will attend the referee clinics/meetings and be available to referee as requested by the Referees Society. Provide name, address, telephone number, email and current CIPP number for each person. At a minimum, the Coach must obtain a Level 200 Coaching Certification as formulated by USA Rugby. Coach must submit signed "Coaches Code of Conduct" form with this application. Coach must also submit a copy of their USA Rugby Coaching Certificate(s). The Referee must attend the EPRU Referee Clinic(s) and meetings, as well as all training offered by the Referees Society. The Referee must maintain membership in the Referees Society and be available to referee as requested.
  14. First and second choices for colors of jerseys, shorts, socks and style of each (can be cut from a rugby supplier catalog). Those teams who've already registered colors as a Recognized Member need only state current colors if they haven't changed since registration.
  15. Any discipline problems in previous games must be reported (matches scheduled but not played, players ejected/suspended, etc.).
  16. Proof of full enrollment in USA Rugby's Club & Individual Participant Plan (CIPP).

The above items will be reviewed by the Executive Committee after which they can recommend admission (or non-admission) to the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting of the EPRU. An Associate Member's term will begin in January.

Upon affirmative vote of at least three/fourths (3/4) of a quorum of the Directors present at a duly constituted meeting, the club/college will be considered an Associate Member.

An Associate Member may remain as such for a maximum of TWO (2) years. The club may apply for Full Membership after a one year period, but MUST apply during the second year.

Associate Members must submit their schedules to their Divisional Play Coordinator by August 1 for the Fall season and February 1 for the Spring season.

Associate Members must report any change in officers or addresses to the EPRU Secretary promptly

Associate Members will be under the jurisdiction of the EPRU Disciplinary Committee and are expected to uphold the rules and regulations of the EPRU. Disciplinary action may be taken against an Associate Member if the Disciplinary Committee feels it is warranted.

Should the club/college wish to resign from the Union, a statement of such intent must be submitted, in writing, to the President of the Union. It should be signed by at least two officers. The club/college will be responsible for any financial obligations for the fiscal year in which the resignation was submitted.