Disciplinary Procedure

LaSalle Women's Rugby

Match Cancellation

In the event that a match is canceled without adequate prior notice, a club should submit a complaint, in writing, to the dir [dot] at [dot] largeatepru [dot] org (EPRU Disciplinary Chair) and the secretaryatepru [dot] org (EPRU Secretary). A copy of the Match Contract must accompany the complaint.

In the absence of a Match Contract, the Referees Society schedule is acceptable for matches between EPRU members. Matches involving cancellations with teams from other Unions cannot be pursued without a Match Contract.

If a men’s college club is involved, a copy should also be sent to the mcolatepru [dot] org (EPRU Men’s Collegiate Coordinator). If a women's college is involved, a copy should be sent to the wcolatepru [dot] org (EPRU Women's Collegiate Coordinator). If a women's club is involved, a copy should be sent to the womenatepru [dot] org (EPRU Women's Club Coordinator). If the match is in Divisional Play, a copy should be sent to the EPRU Divisional Play Coordinator. Please note that fines for canceling or not showing for a Divisional Play match are printed in the Divisional Play Rules.

The offended club should make every effort to resolve the problem before issuing a complaint.

Once the complaint is received, the Disciplinary Committee will investigate. A letter will be sent to the accused club and will allow them 14 days to respond. After this time the Disciplinary Committee will review the case and render a decision.

If the club is found to have improperly canceled a non-league match, a $100 fine will be levied. This fine will be due 30 days from the date the accused club is notified. Failure to pay the fine will result in further disciplinary action, including suspension from divisional play and suspension from the Union. Repeat offenders face dismissal from the Union. Appeal of these decisions is to the President of the EPRU.

If a club is found to have improperly canceled a match, that club is responsible for any resulting expenses incurred by the Referees Society or its members.

Match Contracts

*Note* It is recommended that clubs hosting tournaments also use Match Contracts in order to guarantee that participating teams will honor their commitments to the tournament host.

EPRU Sin Bin Directive

Any player who receives a second Sin Bin within a seasons competition is automatically suspended for eight (8) days or one match, whichever is longer. The suspension begins at the end of the match in which the second Sin Bin occurs. There is no appeal. The Disciplinary Committee may take further action as it deems necessary.

USARFU Variation Temporary Suspension "Sin Bin"

A player guilty of foul play (obstruction, unfair play, repeated infringements, misconduct or dangerous play) shall either be ordered off, sent off the playing area for a temporary suspension, or cautioned that he will be sent off if he repeats the offense. For a similar offense, after a caution or temporary suspension, the player must be ordered off.

If a player is sent off as a temporary suspension he shall remain behind his dead-ball line (the Sin Bin), shall take no part in play, shall not communicate with his team or his opponents (including reserves, coaches, and supporters), and shall not enter the playing area to resume playing until he has been permitted to do so by the referee.

Temporary suspension is not a substitute or a prerequisite for ordering off a player. If an offense warrants a player being ordered off then the player must be ordered off.

The maximum period of suspension shall not exceed ten (10) minutes and will end when half-time or no-side is called. Time is to be counted from the time when the player reaches his dead-ball line (the Sin Bin).

When any player is sent off for a temporary suspension, the referee and the players club shall send in the reports required by Law 26 and the U.S.A.R.F.U. Directive, as if the player had been ordered off.