EPRU Club Champions

Division I Club Champions


1970-71 Philadelphia
1971-72 Philadelphia
1972-73 Philadelphia
1973-74 Philadelphia
1974-75 Philadelphia
1975-76 Bethlehem Hooligans
1976-77 Philadelphia
1977-78 Whitemarsh


1979 Whitemarsh
1980 Bethlehem Hooligans
wildcard: Whitemarsh
1981 Whitemarsh
wildcard: Blackthorn
1982 Blackthorn
wildcard: South Jersey
1983 Blackthorn *
wildcard: Whitemarsh
1984 Whitemarsh
wildcard: Bethlehem
1985 Blackthorn
wildcard: Bethlehem
1986 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
wildcard: Blackthorn
1987 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
wildcard: Blackthorn
1988 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh +
wildcard: Blackthorn
1989 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
wildcard: Blackthorn
1990 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
wildcard: Bethlehem
1991 Bethlehem
wildcard: Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
1992 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
wildcard: Bethlehem
1993 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
wildcard: Wilmington

* won ERU Club Championship in April, 1984;
placed 4th in National Championship

+ won USARE Club Championship in April, 1989;
placed 2nd in National Championship


1994 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
1995 South Jersey
1996 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
1997 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh (2nd Place)
1998 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh


1984 Light Horse
1985 Doylestown
1986 Reading
1987 Hibernians
1988 Brandywine
1989 Wilmington*
1990 Harrisburg*
1991 Reading
wildcard: Hibernians
1992 Jersey Shore
wildcard: Hibernians
1993 Doylestown
wildcard: Second City Troop
1994 Doylestown
wildcard: Lancaster
1995 Media
wildcard: Brandywine

* won ERU Region II 2nd Division Championship


1996 Blackthorn
1997 Hibernians (2nd Place)
1998 Media


1997 Media
1998 Blackthorn
1999 Schuylkill River
2000 North Penn
2001 Reading
2002 Reading
2003 Lehigh Valley
2004 Old Gaelic
2005 Old Gaelic


1998 Delaware Exiles
1999 Wharton Business School
2000 Wharton Business School
2001 Wharton Business School
Division IV was incorporated into Division III after the 2001 season.

Jerry Starobin Memorial Cup

The Starobin Cup is given in memory of Jerry Starobin, a MARS Old Boy, who died of a heart attack on the rugby pitch during a match with the Chesapeake Old Boys in April 1992. Jerry joined Philadelphia-Whitemarsh in 1978 and played for MARS since its inception in 1985. From 1992 to 1994, the Starobin Cup was awarded to the Men's Division I winner within the EPRU. In the Fall of 1995, the Starobin Cup was awarded to the Men's Division II winner. As of 1996, the Starobin Cup will be awarded to the highest EPRU finisher in the MARFU Men's Premier League.

MARS has established a scholarship fund for Jerry's children. Contributions can be sent to "MARS Starobin Fund," P.O. Box 323, Ardmore, PA 19003-0323.

Starobin Cup Winners

1992, 93 ,94 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh
1995 Media
1996, 97, 98 Philadelphia-Whitemarsh

History of High School Champions

The EPRU has had many successes in club rugby with continuing strong performances in tournaments and championships at both the East and Mid-Atlantic levels. The most successful are Princeton University Women, who have won two consecutive National Women's Collegiate Championships (1995 & 1996) and placed 2nd in May 1997 and 1999; Blackthorn, who won the 1984 ERU Club Championship and placed 3rd at the National Club Championship; Bethlehem, who finished 3rd in the National 7s in 1985 and won the 1987 ERU 7s Championship; Philadelphia-Whitemarsh, who won the 1989 USA Rugby East Championship, finished 2nd in the 1989 USA Club Championship and won the 1999 National Club 7s Championship; Doylestown Youth, who placed 3rd at the National High School Championships in 1988, 1990, 1992 and 1995 and rose to 2nd place in 1996 and Bryn Mawr-Haverford Women who placed 3rd at the National Women’s Collegiate Division II Championships.

Past Champions (15s)
Past Champions (7s)
1983 Light Horse
1984 Whitemarsh
1985 Whitemarsh
1986 Doylestown
1987 Whitemarsh*
1988 Doylestown+
1989 Whitemarsh
1990 Doylestown^
1991 Doylestown
1992 Doylestown#
1993 Doylestown&
1994 Doylestown
1995 Doylestown**
1996 Doylestown++
1997 Wilmington
1998 Doylestown
1999 North Penn
1986 South Jersey
1987 Whitemarsh
1988 South Jersey
1989 Langley (PRU)
1990 Whitemarsh
1991 Doylestown
1992 North Penn
1993 North Penn
1994 North Penn
1995 Blackthorn
1996 Conestoga
1997 Wilmington
1998 Downingtown
1999 Downingtown

*Whitemarsh & Doylestown qualified for ERU Championship. Doylestown won and went on to the National High School Championship in Denver, CO where they placed 5th.
+Won ERU Championship and placed 3rd in National High School Championship in Washington, DC.
^Won ERU Championship and placed 3rd in National High SchoolChampionship in San Antonio, TX.
#Placed 3rd in National High School Championship held in Doylestown, PA. North Penn placed 5th.
&Placed 5th in National High School Championship held in Seattle, WA.
**Placed 3rd in National High School Championship held in Minneapolis, MN.
++Placed 2nd in National High School Championship held in Burke, VA.