2017 EPRU Board and Secretary Nominations

Fri Nov 10, 2017, 12:00 pm

EPRU BOARD nominate someone today

The Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union is seeking nominations for their Board of Directors, including those individuals interested in the Secretary position.

Please provide any and all nominations by Friday, November 10, 2017. Fill out the webform below to nominate someone for the Board of Directors or Secretary position.

Each nominee will be expected to provide a resume and a brief bio to be posted on the EPRU website during the voting period. Voting will take place from Saturday, November 18th to Friday, November 24th. The website link for voting will be sent out Saturday, November 18th to all EPRU members.

Contact Jennifer Bustamante at jennifer [dot] m [dot] bustamanteatgmail [dot] com if you have any additional questions about the process.

Board of Director Positions

The responsibilities of a member of the Board of Directors are outlined as per the bylaws below:

Section 4.02 ELECTION OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS/OFFICERS. (a) BOARD OF DIRECTORS Except as described in Subsection 4.02(a.1) below (relating to the transition from Local area Union to Geographical Union), Alternating Cohorts of the Board of Directors shall be elected from a slate of candidates presented by the Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors at the AGM. Each Cohort will be comprised of the positions vacated by those Directors whose terms are expiring. Such Directors shall be elected by the members in good standing of each Full, Associate and Recognized Member of the EPRU. Each Member shall have one vote for up to 50% of those nominated Directors and may cast such vote in person, electronically or by proxy. In no case shall the number of the available positions on the Board of Directors exceed one half plus one of the total numbers of authorized positions on the Board of Directors.

The responsibilities of Secretary are outlined below:

3. SECRETARY. The Secretary shall compile, maintain and publish the Union membership directory. She shall correspond with other unions to mutual advantage. The Secretary shall counsel the Union and its Committees on rules and procedure and ensure that these are followed. The Secretary shall prepare the agenda for Union and Executive Committee meetings (although the President may elect to have another Officer, including the President, to do so from time to time), keep the minutes of meetings, and publish them. The Secretary shall maintain the records of the Union, and give these records to her successor in good order. The Secretary shall maintain and publish these By-Laws and will execute internal and external Union correspondence as directed by the Executive Committee.


Each nominee will be expected to provide a resume and a brief bio to be posted on the EPRU website during the voting period.