10 Great Irish Rugby Tries

10 Great Irish Rugby Tries

...as chosen by George Hook

Chris Castner posted this note to his Hibo team in the fall of 2013.

**Coach's Note - Hibernian Rugby - 8/13/13** -- note from Chris Castner

"The fall 2013 season got off to a great start with our first practice of the season. The goal of the training session was to remind everyone that playing rugby is fun, and everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Each and every player exhibited the competitive spirit expected of a Hibo, which is all any coach could ask for at this point in the season.
Thursday’s session will be very instructive, and hopefully attendance will be strong. Two guest coaches will be on hand to help launch our fall campaign and it’s an evening that you won’t want to miss. Of course there will be a lengthy Q&A session at Pasquales following training.

This week’s rugby clip can be found here. Those players from Tuesday’s session will remember my comments about creating space, so notice what the ball carriers in this clip do to create space for the eventual try scorer. This is going to be our focus for next week, so take 10 minutes and watch the clip."

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